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Literally "Word of mouth"

Social proof is the gold standard for credibility - and user generated video is the most transparent and authentic way to give your audience a voice.

Modern audiences spend far more time consuming user generated content than any other generation and trust it more than traditional media. So it’s no surprise that Ecommerce specialists like Zappos have used videos and video testimonials boost conversion by up to 40%.

Verbate lets you easily capture “directed” testimonials from 100s of your customers. Embed videos directly into your web-pages, or share through your social media. We also offer editing and custom services to make the most of your videos.


"Longleaf can now create content we've never been able to do before"

Ramanan CEO of Longleaf


Video is the most transparent and honest way to give your customers a voice


Your audience trusts UGC more than marketing messages in traditional media

Introducing Longleaf Tea Infused Vodka

Cebit Australia logo

Longleaf is Australia’s first tea infused vodka. Made in the Hunter Valley, Longleaf blends the finest hand-picked Ceylon tea with artisanal, organic vodka. While showcasing the product at the Taste of Sydney, Longleaf wanted to draw on the richness and authenticity of initial reactions as people tried their vodka for the first time.

Longleaf used Verbate to cost effectively capture these first taste “moments”. The best of these reactions were then shared online through Longleaf’s social networks to introduce the surprising delight of these first impressions to a wider audience.

Going visual with user reviews and testimonials

Video brings your testimonials to life in a way that more traditional methods cannot. Check out tips below, or contact the team for some advice on getting started.

Tap into user excitement for your next product launch

Unboxing and product testing can make an engaging and awesome addition to launch campaigns. Use the reactions and emotions of early adopters to entice your wider audience.

Demonstrate the value

Encourage your advocates to demonstrate what they love about your brand experience with more than just words – highlight specific “loved” attributes and why they’d buy from you again. Publish this for first time buyers to help win them over the line.

Multi-purpose your content

Good design is all about iteration and listening to customer feedback. Verbate is an extremely quick, effective way for your global customers to show you what they love, but also what they woud improve upon – great content to share with your design team.

Product feedback

Testimonials are powerful on their own, and when brought together in impactful edits they make engaging, authentic social proof for sharing across your online networks.

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