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Only 10% of communication is held within the words we use, the rest we communicate with facial expression, gestures, body language, tone-of-voice and interaction. Yet the vast majority of internal feedback is conducted through email, surveys and other written methods meaning that billions of important decisions are being made with a fraction of the data.

Verbate lets you harness video to have fewer, more effective face-to-face meetings that lead to better decisions; manage feedback projects from your desk, start gathering results in minutes.

In addition, video is the most impactful form for communicating internal challenges. Use your emotive results to create change with decision makers in your organisation faster and more effectively.

Better decisions

Make better decisions based on the true feelings and opinions of your team


Get quick, rich feedback from your team nationally or internationally

Quick Analysis

Spoken word is transcribed into text for searchability and reporting

Drive change

Video feedback has far greater emotive impact on decision makers

Introducing AgFarm

Agfarm is an Australian business working with growers to manage the marketing and sale of their grain, providing global grain intelligence, strong marketing expertise and an innovative range of products and services.

A nationwide salesforce

AgFarms Salesforce is spread across Australia, mirroring Australia's farming densities. This means that bringing everyone together is not usually a simple task, yet Sales Reps input into new products and strategies is extremely important.

Our Salesforce is spread across Australia, and bringing everyone together is never an easy task

We had already sent out numerous surveys requesting the team input as we built the product. So far the input had been positive, and the product was ready to launch.

Prior to launch we held a Demo Day, and showed off the new product to nationwide team. Following this, we used to quickly collect feedback from everyone for their thoughts on the product, presentation and clarity of messaging.

An unexpected visual response

When we listened to the feedback, the words reflected previous feedback - that the product was good. But as we were watching these responses we could see that the reps were pausing, looking away, and displaying a less than confident demeanour. Something obviously wasn’t right.

The result

Subsequent phone calls led us to realise we had a genuine strategic issue, and this led to a change in the brand and entire launch strategy. We not only launched with a much more successful strategy, but we showed the nationwide team how much their input mattered to us.

Verbate saved us potentially $1000s for what really was a very small, quick exercise. I can’t recommend enough the power of the platform for organisations with nationwide teams.

I can’t recommend the power of Verbate enough to nationwide or global teams.

See what your team really thinks

Empower your team to give you meaningful feedback. Capture their experiences and thoughts verbatim.

Make the most of your teams' experience

Your sales and marketing teams' are closest to your customers. Don’t miss out on tapping into this valuable pool of shared experience for product launches or re-branding exercises.

Capture your customer facing business expertise

Your team are experts in their domain. Record and document how they deal with important or difficult customers and business situations in their words, then share these insights with your team.

Training and assessment

Use video as part of your training and leadership development exercises. Capture a moving snapshot of your team pre-training and post-training thoughts and understanding. Gain deeper insight and assess the effectiveness of the training process.

Change initiatives

Organisational change is a challenging process for any company. Use video to capture and incorporate your team's experience and recommendations giving you the opportunity to make deeply considered transitions for your organisation.

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