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See through your customers' eyes

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See through your customers' eyes

Imagine being able to tour the homes of your customers', join them on their commute, watch them go shopping, and emotively get to know them - all without ever leaving your office.

Verbate gives you complete immersive, emotive insights by allowing you to engage with many customers on video at key decision points through out their journey; from purchasing to interaction.

Not only will Verbate lead you to uncover incredibly unique insights, it also will help communicate challenges in a way statistics never could. Providing insights that can drive decisions faster than ever before.

  • Product testing and unboxing
  • FMCG shopper insights
  • Brand discussion and provocation
  • Video diaries and consumer immersion
Beatriz Eguaras

"Our client was blown away! They had never seen insights like it."

Jamie Brand Provocator at Elmwood


Make decisions based on emotion, passion, and see the lives of your customers first hand like never before.


Want to see what 500 people in 18 different countries feel about your brand? Just import and go.

Going immersive with research

Immersive research video surveys enable you to capture insights, emotions, perceptions at key decision points on the customers' journey e.g. in-store purchase.

Below are some examples of how our clients have used Verbate to truly understand their customers’ decision making processes.

Product testing and unboxing

See how customers interact with your products in real life scenarios such as unboxing or using products in natural environments, rather than in your office. Reveals more accurate results with uninfluenced first impressions, and reach a larger and more diverse test subject base for the same cost.

Shopping insights

Understand how your product is perceived on the shelves in competitive markets. Let people shop on camera for you and show you what influences their in-store decision-making.

Brand provocation

Test how your customers and employees perceive your brand and product. Does this align with your brand identity and messaging? Use situational approaches to see how your customers interact with your brand “in the wild” and how it impacts their world.

Visual tasks

Use mobile video to let your customers visit your locations, buy food, show you their fridges and wardrobes, give a tour of their house, or show you around their vehicle. With imagination and the right approach you can get closer and understand your customers better than ever before.

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