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Trusted, heartfelt media content

Customers, team members and benefactors that love your brand, your product or your service are ultimately your ambassadors. Video gives you an incredibly trusted way to capture and share heartfelt content. This is incredibly impactful, especially as customers are becoming increasingly weary of marketing slogans, instead turning to content and endorsements from their peers.

User generated video is the most transparent, engaging way to showcase your customers, your team, and your philanthropic endeavours. This content source is raw, unfiltered, and as a result more trusted, generating on average 20% more influence on purchase decisions than traditional marketing driven media.

Verbate enables you to easily manage 100s of responses, and at the same time give a little direction to ensure these align with your content strategy.


Your audience trusts user generated content from real people above all else.


Video is the most transparent and honest way to give your customers a voice

Gilead Fellowship research grants program

The Gilead fellowship grants funds to key researchers around Australia. Gilead reached out to grant winners across the continent of Australia and asked them to tell us, in their own words the impact of these grants. Extremely Raw content, but oh so emotive and applauded for its transparency.

Readers digest trusted brand awards

Readers digest hold trusted brand awards around the world, and in keeping with their trusted values, they ask winners how they felt these awards were important, and how what they meant to them. Quick, simple and effective content to share through the global Readers Digest network.

Video as a potent marketing tool

Look no further than the runaway success of the recent ALS ice-bucket challenge as a demonstration of the power of user generated video in a social context. Recent research highlights that user generated videos on Youtube get 10x as many views as brand produced content.

Verbate enables you to easily manage 100’s of responses, and at the same time give a little direction to ensure these align with your content strategy.

Competitions and campaigns

More and more brands are bringing user generated video into their contests and advertising campaigns. Not only does this tap into the creativity of their networks, but also democratises the brand’s marketing messages, in the process making them more authentic and trustworthy.


Tap into the atmosphere and excitement at your next event to capture some great social content and to raise the profile of your organisation and upcoming events. Release videos individually or edited together for extra impact. Build excitement and the conversation pre-event with videos from your key-notes, guests of honour and panel members.

Web content

Give your online community an opportunity to be creative - after all, their passion is the most powerful message you can present. As an example there have been 8 billion views of lego themed videos on Youtube since 2005, 99% of which were of user generated video. Let your users speak for themselves, and people will listen!

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